White Background Single Product Photo
(Up to 2 Products)
USD$25.00 Per Photo
Add a Hand Model For an Extra $5.00
White or Colored Background Group Product Photo
(3+ Products)
USD$35.00 Per Photo
Add a Hand Model For an Extra $5.00
Lifestyle Heroshot Product Photo
USD$40.00 Per Photo
Add a Hand Model For an Extra $5.00
Add Graphics to Any of the Above Categories
USD$10.00 Per Photo
Do You Provide on Model Photography?
Not at this time. With the current COVID-19 precautions, my model availability is limited to hand/arm modeling only.

What Are the Technical Specs I Should Know?
I will provide you with the option to choose which file format you would like, JPG, PNG, or TIFF.
I will always provide you with the highest quality photo. Please let me know ahead of time if you want me to scale the picture to specific proportions.

Do You Provide Adjustments?
All photographs include one adjustment if necessary, any further adjustments will be made on an hourly basis of $28.00 per hour.

What Is the Average Turnaround Time?
The average photo arrival for 20 photos or less is within 5-7 business days of the product's arrival to my studio.
How Do I Get My Product to You?
You can ship your package via USPS, FedEx, or UPS to my studio address. Once the project has been completed you may send me a return shipping label to mail your products back. You may also request for me to keep the item for future projects.
Can I Send You Examples of What I Would Like My Photos to Turn Out Like?
Yes! Any and all details are welcome to help me get a clear understanding of your branding and vision for the photos.
Can I Be Present During the Shoot?
Unfortunately, I would be unable to collaborate with the client during the shoot. I have set rates for my services, which means I spend a set amount of time on each photo. When the client joins in the shooting process, the process takes much longer and the fixed price per picture approach no longer works.
Can I give you a call to discuss the shoot?
Yes, however all conversations, extra material, or special instructions should be in writing for proper workflow organization and performance. This is the best way to prevent misunderstandings or circumstances in which information has been missed or has not been heard.
Please contact me with any questions via the contact page or find me on Upwork at Hannah Shallah.
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